Maximising the IMPACT of university R&D/IP

The PIPE Platform and Lab to IPO Pathway gives universities a standard system, tools, processes and methodology to disclose, validate, launch, fund and future fund very early stage ideas.

Technology Transfer Offices and commercialisation teams across the UK and Europe have several important challenges to deal with

Capturing worthwhile projects

Researchers and academics are not always incentivised to commercialise.

Putting projects on the right path

Determining the direction of travel is not always straightforward and simple.

A standard, systematic and easy to use platform enables more disclosures to be put forward, aligned with the researcher/academic’s timeline to publish, supports decision making, and simplifies the process.

Clear, well documented roadmaps are essential: based on evidence, supported by people who have been there before and know what they are doing, and properly funded.

Commercialising fairly & equitably

A clear rationale for commercialisation, funding and equity early on is critical.

Patient, timely and available capital

Ensuring there is a steady, reliable and timely source of capital ensures success.

Proving and recording the contributions of individuals, teams, the university and the founders means that these positions are protected while attracting new investors.

Capital must be aligned with the commercial roadmaps and direction of travel; key milestones ensure goals are hit and progress is made.

Disclose & Validate, Evaluate, Launch, Fund and List on one platform - PIPEworks

Evaluate Stage

Launch Stage

Fund Stage

Standard & Systematic

PIPE Systems

From simple user registration to project Disclosure & Validation, the PIPE Platform and Lab to IPO Pathway is designed to support the TTO and commercial team make better, standardised and systematic decisions. From the use of AI to the presentation of outcomes in a standard, easy to understand format, the PIPE Platform is a novel approach to university R&D/IP impact creation.


To patent or not to patent?

Researchers want to draft, peer review and publish without delay. At the same time, TTOs and commercial teams need to consider IP protection and/or a patent application. It takes time and money to investigate prior art, to identify the inventive step, and submit a patent application if appropriate. So there is a risk of conflict between these two work streams.

PIPE is designed to fix this.